3 Reasons to Trust Your Small Business to a Managed IT Services Provider

Getting started in the business world takes as much momentum as you can generate, and this is never more true than for small business owners. When running a small business, you know that every minute of your day needs to be dedicated to building your customer base, improving your quality, and streamlining your overhead. As a responsible business owner, when your employees need advice or your customers want service, you make the time. What you don't have time for is finicky computers.

Here are three very good reasons to trust your small business network to a managed IT services provider.

1) Fast Computers Equals Fast Business

One of the biggest consequences of hard work is forgetting to do normal computer maintenance like clearing caches, optimizing software, and deleting old files. Unfortunately, forgetting these things can cause serious computer lag, adding a few extra seconds to every online action. In thousands of little business tasks each week, this stacks up to hours of waiting. With managed IT, the first thing your new tech team can do is speed up your computers with a little hand-tuned optimization.

2) Cyber Attack Protection

With a Network Security Solution, all the files, data & personal information are kept safe and protected from unauthorized access from people present on the network and people outside it. Continual monitoring, firewall protection and compliancy can give your network and data the ultimate security. It21st provides you with a team that you can trust to assess vulnerabilities, review the types of data that the company stores and identify issues which may cause a data breach. Most system issues can be addressed remotely which can provide your business with fast and effective support when you need it.

3) Disaster Recovery

The very last thing you need when trying to run your business at top-speed is a computer failure. From crashing software to malicious viruses, a managed IT team can not only set up protections, they can also make sure that no matter what happens to your computer system, your vital business data is backed up and ready to be reloaded in minutes, even if your entire system needs to be wiped and reinstalled.

For companies on the rise and looking for an IT solution, our team at IT 21st in Encino, California, specializes in the needs of small businesses, offering boutique remote and on-site services throughout the Los Angeles region. If you'd like more information or for us to become your managed IT services provider, please contact us today! We're ready to design the perfect IT plan to help your small business grow.